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WWT descends on Westminster

Posted on 05 Jul 2019

WWT joined thousands of protesters in London to demand greater action to prevent climate change and wildlife loss.

WWT met with MPs for Slimbridge, London, Arundel, Llanelli and Castle Espie, who were among over 200 MPs who came out to speak to their constituents.

It was also a great opportunity to join people from those communities who host our sites and stand alongside them to press decision makers for stronger action to protect wetlands for the benefit of people and nature.

The event was organised by umbrella groups Greener UK and The Climate Coalition to lobby MPs for stronger environmental laws after Brexit and action as well as words from Parliament to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to zero.

This ‘mass lobby’ is the latest step in our campaign for a strong Environment Bill which ensures the UK enjoys equal and hopefully better levels of environmental protection once we have left the European Union.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us in this campaign so far; look out for more chances to get involved as the year progresses.