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Fall for Nature's spectacle this Autumn

Posted on 05 Oct 2020

Just as wetlands offer sanctuary to thousands of animals over the colder months, they also make the perfect place to safely escape the everyday and appreciate one of nature’s greatest shows - autumn.

As the seasons change so does the wildlife you see on our reserve. Autumn is a great time for bird watching, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. At WWT Arundel all through the autumn and winter you can see kingfishers here. A roosting population of marsh harriers can be spotted in the late afternoons from our hides starting in late October.

We have some special visitors this autumn too. Some of the GIANT LEGO® brick animals will be visiting their real life pals this autumn, including friendly favourites Walter the Water Vole and Flavia the Flamingo, made up of over 50,000 bricks combined – wow!

For our wetlands, it is a spectacular time of year. The first of our migratory birds arrive, having flown vast distances in search of food and warmth to shelter and our reserves transform into an impressive patchwork of rich textures and dazzling colour displays, as leaves turn amber, fruits and berries emerge from the hedgerows and fairy tale fungus sprout underfoot.

In fact, autumn is perhaps the nicest time of year to explore wetlands whatever the weather. They provide an abundance of space and fresh air for nature lovers to enjoy endless skies and epic sunsets. Comfortable hides, situated throughout all our reserves, ensure visitors can protect themselves from the elements without missing out on amazing seasonal scenes.

Tim McGregor, Centre Manager ffor WWT Arundel Wetland Centre said:
“Arundel Wetland Centre is an ideal place to immerse yourself in nature and there is no better time to see what the wetlands have to offer than autumn.
Our wetland is safe haven where people can explore the outdoors, focus some energy inwards and look after themselves. It’s been a difficult period, but our wetland promises to provide an escape from the everyday and a discovery of peace and tranquillity.”

WWT Arundel Wetland Centre has the ‘We’re Good to Go’ stamp of approval, a UK-wide industry standard which has been developed in partnership with Visit England, Tourism Northern Ireland, Visit Scotland and Visit Wales. The accreditation means visitors can rest assured that WWT is doing everything to ensure they operate within the relevant government and public health guidance for managing coronavirus risk. These measures include managing numbers on site, ensuring social distancing and thorough cleaning regimes.
To safely manage numbers on site, all visitors are all asked to book online (whether a WWT member or not). To book tickets, visit here.