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26 Dec 2011

Celebration of Scott expedition

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I hope you enjoyed Christmas Day

To celebrate the centenary of the Scott polar expedition we are opening an exhibition today that we will run to early February.  This is the first event that WWT is planning throughout the whole year and we have been given modern day equipment for an expedition from the British Antarctic Survey which includes clothing, food rations, a sleigh, sleeping bags and much more, and we received display boards from the Scott Polar Research Institute.

We have re-created a base camp from 1911 as well as a modern day exhibition to allow our visitors to step back in time and see what it would have been like to be an explorer. There is also a family trail were kids have to chose what 9 objects to take with them to the South Pole to collect points and see if they can make it safely. 

I hope that this event and exhibition will be popular over the next month as when you start to read and learn about what happenend it is a fascinating story.