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19 Dec 2011

The new view from the beaver camera

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The view on the beaver camera has now changed. I asked Alex forĀ  a bit of feedback as to why the camera has been moved from the back pond and it is in preparation just in case the ponds start to freeze over Christmas as there would be no movement on the back pond.

You should be able to see a lot of their natural behaviour on the new camera view including cutting up branches, chopping down trees, taking food from the traps, walking on land and eating food in the shallows.

Continue to let me know your thoughts for the new view and we will continue to amend it as we see what the weather is like through December and January to ensure you can still see plenty of activity. Click here for the camera

  • Mike Tomlin

    Andy:- The new camera position is a big improvement, much more action than before and good close-ups, including the rats! However, two questions for you. Are the large branches we have seen in the last few days chopped down by the beavers or are you giving them a helping hand ? Also, we see the beavers go out of shot to the right. Where do they go to ?
    From Mike Tomlin

    • Hi thanks for your comments. In terms of your queries Mike, their lodge is to the right of the screen so the beavers are most probably going back inside when you see them going along to the right. the branches are put out by Alex who looks after them as a supplement to the trees they have in there and the vegetables they get. At this time of year though they should have already stored up the majority of food they need over the winter in preparation for a cold spell. Thanks for your Christmas message Melonie, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year as well and I will be sure to send all Christmas messages round to staff on Friday.

  • Melonie

    Hi Andy……………..just finished reading your diary, put beavercam on and there’s one of them out and about already!

    And before I forget…..can I wish you and everyone at MM, that’s staff and volunteers………..A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THE HAPPIEST, HEALTHIEST OF NEW YEARS….x

  • Tom Bridge

    Just can’t stop watching the Beavers ‘beavering’ away with the branches. I am becoming even sadder than I was already!!