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30 May 2012

Egg number 1.

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The Caribbean flamingos are sitting on their first egg! Well, currently it’s a wooden one, with the actual specimen being tucked away safely in an incubator in the Duckery; away from the prying eyes of hungry sea gulls. The bird currently sitting has the ring code RBS and it is believed that the partner of this bird is RDV who has been hanging around the nest and being very attentive all day. This sudden spurt of egg-production should be an excellent incentive for other pairs to follow suit, and as flamingos always like to “keep up with the Jones’s” we would expect more eggs to be laid in the near future. In fact, the sitting bird inspired several other flamingos to indulge in some serious nest building throughout the course of the day. Keep a close eye on this blog for when more things really start to notch up a gear. In the mean time, the sitting bird(s) can be enjoyed in the Caribbean Pen in front of the restaurant at WWT Slimbridge.

Caribbean flamingo "RBS" sitting tight on a wooden egg perched on a nest mound. The first of the eggs to be laid by Slimbridge's Caribbean flamingos in 2012.