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29 Aug 2018

New Learning Zone website for teachers planning ‘wild’ trips

Posted in Latest news

Teachers planning immersive, educational trips in the natural environment now have an invaluable resource at their fingertips, WWT’s new Learning Zone website.

The new site is a one-stop shop of unique resources and ideas for all ages. Teachers can use these resources to plan lessons in school as well as curriculum-linked trips to one of WWT’s nine wetland centres across the UK, focusing on the natural world and outdoor learning.

New materials featured on the site include a wide range of hands-on self-guided resources to engage learners with wetlands and the wildlife around them and pre and post visit resources to inspire learners before a visit and extend their learning afterwards.  There is also information on the extensive range of guided sessions available, delivered by experienced learning staff and covering a wide variety of curriculum themes (included in admission price).

In addition, the site lists WWT’s wide range of benefits for pre-schools, schools and colleges and information on making the most of your educational visit (based on 70 years of experience!).

Benefits include:

  • Free familiarisation visits for group leaders
  • Free adults (according to ratios) and essential carers
  • Risk Assessments and safety information provided
  • Bag storage
  • Lunch spaces
  • Free coach and disabled parking very near to entrances

WWT is one of the UK’s leading providers of learning outside the classroom.  A visit to one of our centres offers a unique opportunity for learners to be hands-on and immersed in nature