WWT works across the UK and around the world with a diverse range of partners to create, manage and restore wetlands. In the UK, we manage over 3,000ha of important wetland habitats on our own reserves. We also have extensive experience of creating and restoring wetlands. On the Steart Peninsula in Somerset we have helped create around 500ha of new wetlands and in Madagascar we are restoring Lake Sofia – a wetland spanning some 1,650ha.

Steart Marshes from the air

Whether the site is a newly created wetland or an existing one, managing it effectively is critical to success, and it is something that WWT has over 70 years of experience at. Wetlands are such dynamic environments that their management is a complex and ever-changing process. Whatever the context, we ensure that our management is based on the best available knowledge and evidence, has clear objectives, and is constantly monitored and reviewed to adapt to change.