Get set for 800 adventure-filled acres of wildlife. There's something for everyone with our daily walks and talks, wildlife watching and family-friendly features.

Meet our wildlife superstars

Go nose-to-beak with some of nature's most exciting animals

Delightful ducks and greedy geese

We’ve thousands of beautiful ducks and geese ready to feed from your hand, including our friendly Hawaiian Nene. Buy a bag of grain on your way in and enjoy close encounters of the feathery kind! Be sure to feed our greedy Ross's Geese too, they love seed!

Fabulous flamingos

Tickle yourself pink on a date with our all-star cast of pretty greater flamingos. We’ve two wonderful species to meet, our Greater Flamingos and Chilean Flamingos – come along and hear the facts behind their feathers, such as why they’re pink, why they stand on one leg, and discover just how flirty they really are.

Gardens and wildlife

You can’t beat the sweet-scented peace of our beautiful gardens, whether it is relaxing in the eco-garden watching the winter birds flit about, contemplating in the Royal Bank of Canada Show garden (as seen at RHS Chelsea 2017) or strolling peacefully amongst reeds and grasses in Wild walk.

Reedbed walk and nature trail

See if you can spot or hear rare species on our reedbed walk such as Cetti’s and grasshopper warblers, Marsh Harriers and Crested Grebes. The nature trail overlooks hundreds of acres of wetland that attracts colonies of avocets, lapwings in the summer as well as thousands of Pink-footed geese and whooper swans in winter.

The WOW Zone

For a mix of extraordinary bird shapes, sights and sounds, it has to be our WOW zone. Expect weird and wonderful wetland birds: hooded mergansers, black swans, cereopsis, magpie geese, diving ducks, screamers. Try our sound pods for an interactive birdy ‘who’s who’, as well as crowned crane aviary, free flying avocets and more.

Wonder, explore, play

Exciting hands-on discovery for all ages

Adventure playgrounds

From zip wires and scramble nets, to treehouses and water zone wonders, our huge adventure playground is a total rush for ages 3 to 12. Head to our Mere Side café and refill hungry tummies with delicious treats. Don't forget to check the canoe safari play area for even more fun.

I spy canoe and boat safari

Pick up your paddle and canoe your way around our award-winning kilometre-long Canadian canoe trail – remember you will need to bring an adult (they can do all the paddling)! You can also drift away on a 30-minute expertly-guided boat tour of our wonderful wetlands. Water vole? Kingfisher? Dragonfly? What treasures will you discover?

Wild Walk

Venture through three types of ‘wild’ wetland in one mile-long VIP walk – squelch through the mucky meadow to our middle maze lodge; bounce over the wobbly wet bridge into the wet woods; tip-toe along our reedy ramble towards giant sculptures; and splodge down a maze of secret wetland tracks. Wellies are a must!

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