Kingfishers wow visitors at WWT Martin Mere

Three juvenile kingfishers have been showing extremely well at WWT Martin Mere, allowing the chance for visitors to get a closer look at the stunning bird.

Visitors can head down to the Ron Barker hide to see all of the activity and to get the chance to capture a picture. Kingfishers can be challenging to spot, and even more challenging to photograph due to their size and how fast they move. However, the birds have been seen perching on a branch most days by the Ron Barker hide and it's resulting in some fantastic pictures.

Here are just some of the photos of the kingfishers that have been submitted:

Two kingfishers perched on a branch. They are facing each other.

Two kingfishers, submitted by Mike Kinder

A kingfisher perching on a branch. in its mouth is a small fish

A kingfisher with a fish caught in its mouth, submitted by Joe Maddison

A kingfisher perching on a branch.

A kingfisher perched on a branch, submitted by Emma Smith

A kingfisher perching on a branch.

An iPhone shot of the kingfisher, submitted by Catherine Louise Nixson

Two juvenile kingfishers on a branch at WWT Martin Mere

Two kingfishers on a branch, submitted by David Gibson.

A kingfisher emerging from the water

A kingfisher emerging from the water, submitted by Denise Godsmark

If you are planning on taking a trip to the Ron Barker hide, please be considerate of others in the hide. Speak quietly and move softly, as this can increase the chances of the wildlife getting closer as they won't be spooked. Please also respect those around you, and try to allow everyone the opportunity to take a look if the kingfisher(s) do make an appearance. See our latest sightings on our website.

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