Latest Sightings

The current windy weather has seen the majority of the birds on site hunkering down to shelter from the wind.
Discovery hide is proving good for views of the black-tailed godwit and ruff on the apron, picking any grain out of the cracks in the hard standing alongside the wigeon, pintail and pochard. The red-breasted goose is still present on the mere and can be normally seen on the islands or feeding with the greylag geese at the back of the mere.

Marsh harrier still continue to be seen from Ron Barker hide as well as occasional passes by ringtail hen harrier if you are lucky. Ron Barker is a good place to see barn owl during the day, as well as from Kingfisher hide, with it seen hunting during the day with the unpredictable weather.

The cattle egret are still amongst the cattle on Woodend marsh with a maximum count of 19, but normally 5 to 10 can be seen from the track or hides on Woodend Marsh as the majority of the birds are usually hiding amongst the rushes!

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