Latest Sightings

It feels like spring is in the air over the last few days with the bright and sunny weather after all the rain last week.

This is also being reflected on site with many of the birds starting to pair up. The most obvious is the pairs of shelduck which can be seen from Hale hide or within the grounds as the birds are prospecting for potential nesting sites around the pools. We have also seen blue tit around the Raines feeders prospecting in the nest boxes around the feeders.

Highlights on site during the last week have been the sightings of 3 mediterrenean gull which can be picked out amongst the flocks of black-headed gull on the mere. The distinctive features are the truly black head (vs the chocolate brown of the black-headed gull), thick blood-red bill and white wings tips. Hopefully we will have at least one pair breeding on site as in previous years.

The avocet have also been more consistently at the back of the mere amongst the growing number oystercatcher and black-tailed godwit. One of the godwit also has a colour ring on, we are still awaiting exact details of where the bird was ringed but reserve manager Louise recognised the ring as batch and we can say the bird was ringing on the north Wales coastline this winter.

Elsewhere on site the kingfisher is currently showing very well from Ron Barker hide at the pool to the left of the hide, with Ron Barker also being very reliable for raptors species.

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