Latest Sightings

Rain hasn't stopped play this week at Martin Mere and we've still been seeing a lot of activity. Some black-headed gull chicks have started to fledge on the mere, and 3 of the 5 common tern nests have hatched. The med gulls currently have 2 nests on the mere. Up in Longmeadow barn, a kestrel can be seen nesting on eggs. We also have 2 barn owl nests on site, one in Harrier hide where there are 4 chicks, and the other in Doehyles barn where 3 chicks can be seen with 1 egg left to hatch.

The first avocet chicks have fledged and there are still lots of chicks feeding that can be seen on Woodend marsh, and 3 kingfisher fledglings can currently be seen from Ron Barker hide. Marsh harriers have also been spotted on site carrying food for hungry chicks.

With the weather not quite living up to what we'd hope for June, why not enjoy a warm drink or other refreshment in the cafe whilst keeping an eye out for the oystercatcher chicks that have been seen on Santa's island.

We've also been keeping up with the moth trapping and some recent highlights include 3 species of hawkmoth (poplar, elephant and eyed), blood-vein, and burnished brass.

Image - Marsh Harrier

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