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Unlock the secrets of Slimbridge Wetland Centre and become a wetland hero.

‘Wetland Heroes’ is a free app for families which has been created by Aardman.

‘Wetland Heroes’ is an interactive mobile experience that encourages you to explore the full extent of Slimbridge Wetland Centre, particularly the lesser known areas through fact finding missions and fun challenges that can be played by the whole family.

Capturing the rich and varied wildlife at Slimbridge through beautiful illustrations inspired by wetland hero species such as the flamingo, kingfisher, otter or swan, this app offers you a digital guide with markers around the site that connect the real world with the digital providing a deeper understanding and connection to the wildlife.

Whether you are first time visitors or seasoned members, there is something new to discover on each visit. Our site changes so much through the seasons and the app gives you an opportunity to take on a different challenge and learn something new each time you visit, and the more you explore the closer you’ll get to becoming a wetland hero.

Discover which duck eiderdown comes from and how to guess the age of a mute swan. Can you tell the difference between a common frog and a common toad? You’ll soon become the expert of your family!

Get involved and share your wetland hero journey using the photo opportunities in the app, upload them to social media and use #WetlandHeroes.

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