WWT Slimbridge

Get set for 100 adventure-filled acres of amazing wildlife

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Meet our wildlife superstars

Go nose-to-beak with some of nature’s most exciting animals

Feathered Fancies

Your first stop at Slimbridge has to be the grain desk. Grab your bag of seed and have our ducks, geese and swans eating out of the palm of your hand. Spot the rarest goose in the world and our iconic Bewick’s swans. Then play a game of flamingo bingo! Marvel at our pink wonders and see if you can see all our species in one day.

Watery Wonders

Enter the alien world of amphibians when you step foot in Toad Hall. Ponder over frogs, newts, salamanders and more from all over the world. Get close-up and even hold one of our star species in our talk and handling sessions daily. Then head outside to our Pond Zone for some watery fun, learning all about pond life and its secret superpowers.

Marvellous Mammals

Meet our fabulous family of cheeky otters and watch them splash and play at feeding time. Then see cute-as-a-button harvest mice up-close; see if you can spot our shy water voles and learn how we’re helping save endangered species in Back from the Brink.


Wonder, explore, play

Exciting hands-on discovery for all ages

Watery fun at
Welly Boot Land

Make a splash in Welly Boot Land! With waterwheels, bridges, fountains and stream, our watery playground is the best fun ever. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Our outdoor adventure playground, Riverlife, offers hours of fun, while our indoor soft play area is the perfect rainy day retreat.

I spy canoe and
Wild Safari

Grab your canoe or coracle and paddle your way around our kilometre-long watery safari trail. What will you discover – water vole? Kingfisher? Dragonfly? Back on dry land, hop aboard our Wild Safari and head into the wetlands for even more fascinating wildlife encounters.
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Discover something new
in our hides

For chilled out wildlife watching, try one of our 13 fabulous hides. Our South Lake Discovery hide comes complete with comfy chairs, binoculars, a telescope and ID books, perfect for all the family. Head for heights? Then climb the observatory tower for bird’s eye 360 views over the stunning River Severn Estuary.


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Daily feeds, walks and talks

Whichever day you come, there’s always something going on

Guided Walk


Take a tour around the grounds with one of our expert volunteers, discovering the fascinating history and identifying its remarkable wildlife. Lasts approximately one hour.

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Meet the otters

11:30am and 3pm

Watch Minnie, Flo and Ha Ha tuck in to their fishy supper, whilst learning all about their cheeky personalities. Hear how they came to Slimbridge and the plight of their European cousins. Lasts approximately 20 minutes.

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Crane Talk


Why were cranes once extinct in the UK? And what are we doing to ensure they don’t disappear from the wild again? Discover all this and more at our fascinating 15 minute talk.

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Meet the Amphibians

12:30pm and 2.15pm

Hear our expert talk about the fascinating world of frogs, toads, newts and salamanders and get to inspect them close-up. Even hold one if you’re brave enough! Lasts approximately 20 minutes.

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