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A world of wildlife awaits at Slimbridge Wetland Centre. With a variety of habitats on offer, there's always a star species on show. Check the latest sightings and find out how to make the most of Slimbridge's wildlife.

Spring at Slimbridge Wetland Centre

Expect to see new arrivals including swallows, house martins and summer warblers. Listen out to the songs of chiffchaff, reed, sedge warblers and the distinctive call of the cuckoo. Common cranes display and start to nest.

Latest sightings

Find out which species have made an appearance with our latest sightings, updated regularly by staff and volunteers.

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Seasonal wildlife guide

A visit to WWT Slimbridge is a completely unique experience from one month to the next. Find out what you might see, whenever you visit.

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Viewing wildlife

Our 12 hides look out onto the Slimbridge reserve and offer you the best spots to see the wildlife of the Severn Estuary.

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Nature reserve

Beyond the centre lies a wild area of land managed by Slimbridge’s wardens. This huge area encompasses the grasslands to the shores of the Severn estuary and is a haven for wildlife.

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Slimbridge Wildwatch

Go behind the scenes at Slimbridge and watch the latest news straight from the teams on the ground.

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