We will lead the way

Our natural world is in crisis. But at WWT, we know there’s a solution. You’ll find it wherever water meets land.

From deadly heatwaves and devastating floods, to sewage-filled rivers and dramatic nature loss, we’re already witnessing the destruction a changing climate and unsustainable development has on people and on wildlife.

In a world of problems, wetlands offer us that rare thing – a solution.

Why wetlands

Wetlands are one of the most biodiverse habitats on Earth. 40% of the world’s wildlife depends on wetlands. And all our lives do too.

Wetlands can help nature burst back to life – and offer a lifeline to multiple declining and threatened species.

Wetlands can help tackle the climate crisis. They can store carbon and buffer us from floods. They can reduce the impacts of drought and provide a welcome relief during a heatwave.

Wetlands can treat our sewage and clear our rivers.

They’re vital for our health and wellbeing too.

The time for action is now

We need wetlands more than ever. But right now, wetlands need our help. The world is losing wetlands, and all their natural powers, at a terrifying rate.

Globally, they’re disappearing three times faster than forests. And, in the UK, our landscapes are, quite simply, drying out. 75% of wetlands are gone and much of what is left is in poor condition.

To respond to the magnitude of today’s challenges, we need to speed up wetland restoration and reverse the loss of this vital habitat. After all, a world where healthy wetland nature thrives, is a world where people and life thrives.

Fixing problems, finding solutions, inspiring change

Our new strategy builds on our history of doing incredible, positive, conservation work on the ground. And our plans for the future are firmly rooted in science and backed by evidence.

But in today’s world we need to re-imagine what pioneering conservation looks like and the role we play in tomorrow’s conservation history.

Our three ambitions

These will enable us to be a beacon of hope and optimism in the face of challenges to the natural world.


We will restore and create, bigger, better, more connected wetlands

We will create and restore over 100,000 hectares of wetlands in the UK. Globally, we’ll speed up and strengthen nature’s revival, helping local communities protect and restore one million hectares of wetland habitats.

Here's how

  • We will combine passion with cutting-edge research and conservation expertise.
  • We will work with landowners, governments, scientists, financiers, the private sector and the public.
  • Together, we’ll give time, investment, and dedication to restoring wetlands and the wildlife that live in them.


We will inspire more people to value, act for and benefit from wetlands

In the UK, we will build a movement of one million people who understand, love, and take action for wetlands where they live and work. And worldwide, we'll have 25,000 conservationists delivering impactful wetland conservation, too.

Here's how

  • We will create experiences for people that nurture a deeper connection and understanding of wetlands both at our site and in communities.
  • We will make our work inspiring, accessible and easy to understand – and show how anyone can play their part, wherever they live, work or study.
  • When it comes to policy and governmental change, we will speak up for wetlands and make ourselves heard at every opportunity.  

Just like our founder, Sir Peter Scott, we believe that the most effective way to save the natural world is to inspire people to fall in love with it. By creating a global community of dedicated conservationists and vocal nature lovers, we will restore wetlands and unlock their power.


We will become a more thriving, sustainable and effective organisation

We will make sure we are strong enough financially, with the ability to deliver our work at a global scale. We will live by our values and prioritise sustainability, strengthen partnerships, and build a diverse workplace where staff and volunteers feel valued.

Here's how

  • We will look at new and innovative ways of working and increasing our teams’ skills, using technology to make changes that have the most immediate impact first.
  • We will be an organisation filled with doers. And we’ll value diversity, encourage innovation, empower teams and create a world place that others want to join.
  • We will develop our relationships with policymakers and partners. We will work collaboratively with our colleagues and external partners – sharing our knowledge and expertise at every opportunity.

To achieve our big ambitions, we need to evolve as an organisation. We need people by our side. We need to be bold enough to live by our valuers, putting sustainability at our core and leading the way in our field of expertise. We need everyone who works for, and with, WWT, to share a common vision and understand the important role that they each play.