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Help us push for the creation of 100,000 more hectares of healthy wetlands in the UK.

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Did you know that wetlands – however big or small – provide essential homes for wildlife? Not only that, but different types of wetlands can help clean our water, protect us against drought and flooding, capture carbon and boost our health and wellbeing.

Wetlands can...

Restore biodiversity

Nature is in freefall. Wetlands help to clean our water and bring a whole range of wildlife back to our degraded rivers, lakes and ponds.

Reduce flooding & drought

Wetlands act as sponges, holding water on the land to help prevent flooding and increase drought resilience.

Store carbon

Certain types of wetlands store more carbon, more quickly than all the world’s forests combined – helping to combat climate change.

Improve wellbeing

Healthy wetlands make us feel better. Creating urban wetlands where 84% of us live can increase access to wellbeing.

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...and help us push for the creation of 100,000 hectares of healthy wetlands in the UK to help fight the wellbeing, climate and nature crises.

Thank you for caring about wetlands. You're a very important part of creating more in the UK, which is why we'd love you to hear more about this campaign and our other work.

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By adding your name to our pledge for more wetlands, you are helping to tackle some of today’s most pressing environmental and social issues, including helping to increase wellbeing and combatting climate change – thank you.

In 2022, we exceeded 10,000 pledges – a fantastic achievement for wetlands but we’re not done yet. This year, with your support, we’d love to hit 20,000 pledges. Please spread the word and encourage friends, family and your wider networks to help us get there.

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As Mike Dilger explains, it's the biggest boost you can give to nature.