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...for the creation of 100,000 hectares of healthy wetlands to help fight today's climate, nature and wellbeing crises.

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Wetlands need you

The Covid crisis has taught us we can’t go back to how things were before.

So how can we fight back against the climate emergency? How can we reverse the destruction of nature? How can we heal the UK’s wellbeing crisis? How can we protect our communities from increased flooding? How can we bring wildlife back to our degraded rivers, lakes and ponds? Wetlands Can!

Yet we’ve lost so many, with 90% destroyed in England alone. Worldwide, wetlands are disappearing three times faster than forests, and much of what remains is in poor quality. They need your help.

Wetlands occur where water meets land. They include marshes, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, deltas, floodplains and wet woodlands.

Wetlands can

Store carbon

Wetlands such as peatlands and saltmarshes store more carbon, more quickly, than all the world’s forests combined.

Reduce flooding

Wetlands are like natural sponges. They store excess rainwater, slow the flow of water downriver and provide a buffer from the sea.

Improve wellbeing

Feeling part of nature is hugely beneficial to our wellbeing. Research shows that 65% of people find being near water has a positive impact on their mental health.

Restore biodiversity

Nature is in freefall. Wetlands help to clean our water and bring a whole range of wildlife back to our degraded rivers, lakes and ponds.

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"We all stand to benefit from more wetlands in our lives and together we can make this happen."

Kate Humble, WWT President

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Join WWT’s urgent pledge to create 100,000 hectares of healthy wetlands around the UK by adding your details below.

With your support, we will campaign for change and urge the UK government to prioritise and invest in more wetlands. Each name we collect will build momentum and help us solve today’s pressing climate, nature and wellbeing crises.

Thank you for caring about wetlands. You’re a very important part of creating more in the UK, which is why we’d love you to hear more about this campaign and our other work.

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By adding your name to our pledge for more wetlands, you are helping to tackle some of today’s most pressing environmental and social issues, including helping to combat climate change – thank you.

And thanks to all of you we have now reached our initial target of 5,000 pledges – a fantastic achievement for wetlands, but we think we can aim higher and have re-set our target to 10,000 pledges. Please encourage friends and family to help us get there.


Get practical

Do your bit in your neighbourhood. Download our Wetlands Can! toolkit with ‘easy to follow’ guidance on building simple ponds, mini-wetlands and drainpipe gardens