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12 Jun 2017

Crane and Kingfisher updates


Bart and Ruby are still tending their offspring well, we are pleased to see the active chick being taken for a walk onto the wader scrape, it’s now being fed by a parent proving they know exactly what to do. It was vital this chick began eating today, the other parent is still brooding the egg, a tiny beak is sticking out of the hole it has so far managed to chip open and can be heard ‘talking’ to Mum and Dad. This is a very tiring process for the youngster and could take a while longer for it to appear, we shall wait and see what tomorrow brings. The weather forecast is looking good, it hasn’t been kind to our birds in recent years so this comes as a huge relief.

A busy morning for our Crane family. Images- M.J.McGill

Kingfisher update

The Kingfishers at Kingfisher hide nest bank fledged their brood and have dispersed, juveniles are being seen about the reserve but the fledging was a case of blink and you’ve missed it. A male is still defending the nest hole and a female has been seen digging so they should be settling for a second nest attempt.  The other pair near South Lake are very quiet, it is likely they have laid a second clutch, we’re not sure as we avoid the nest to keep things quiet for them.

Other news from the reserve…

Rushy Pen

Five Mediterranean Gulls, 92 Black-tailed Godwits, 8 adult Avocets and a chick.

Tack Piece

Green Sandpiper, 4 Avocet and 6 chicks.

Zeiss Hide

46 Gadwall, 3 Shoveler and a Lapwing defending young.

South Lake

50 adult Avocets today +12 young.