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Kingfishers on Arun Riverlife delight visitors

The kingfisher pair continue to show well on the perches near their nesting bank on Arun Riverlife. At least one has been showing on the perch each day. Last Thursday both kingfishers were visible and a pair of oyster catchers were on the lagoon as well.

This kingfisher was snapped on Tuesday around noon on perch outside the nesting bank on Arun Riverlife lagoon. Visitors have been watching them from the cafe seating area's windows and snapping away from the area just outside the cafe doors to the grounds. Our Discovery hide is being refurbished this week but it reopens on Saturday for those who want a closer look at the nesting bank.

More lapwing sightings this week on the wet grassland area from Lapwing hide to Ramsar hide. One lapwing was spotted at Scrape hide.

Daily sightings by WWT Reserve wardens

These are morning sightings that target different site locations on a rotating basis. This is not a comprehensive list of all wildlife onsite,.

Wed 9 March

Scrape Hide: 5 greylag geese, 39 black-headed gulls, 17 Canada geese, 12 mallards, 1 shelduck, 2 common gulls, 8 shoveler, 2 pochard.

Arun Riverlife: 8 pochard, 1 kingfisher

Sand martin hide: 2 pochards

Ramsar hide: 2 Mediterranean gulls

Wet grassland: 2 lapwings

Tues 8 March

Wet grassland: 2 pairs of teal

Arun Riverlife: 3 male and 3 female pochard

Sand martin & Ramsar hides: 80 black-headed gulls, 4 common gulls, 6 Mediterranean gulls, 13 Canada geese, 3 greylag geese, 1 Egyptian goose, 5 moorhens, 2 coots, 3 shoveler, 2 shelducks, 1 lapwing, 5 male and 3 female mallards.

Mon 7 March

Wet Grassland: 2 mallards, 2 moorhen, 2 Canada geese, 2 greylag geese, 2 teal, 2 snipe

Reedbed: 1 reed bunting

Woodland Lodge: 1 water rail

Sun 6 March

Woodland Loop: 1 coot, 3 mallard, 1 pheasant, 2 long-tailed tits

Sat 5 March

Arun Riverlife: 1 kingfisher, 1 gadwall, 1 coot, 4 Canada geese, 39 black-headed gull, 1 moorhen, 9 tufted ducks, 2 shelducks, 1 pochard.

Fri 4 March

Arun Riverlife: 1 little grebe

Woodland Loop: 5 pheasants, 3 mallards, 1 sparrow hawk, 1 wren, 5 blue tits, 1 great tit, 1 moorhen, 1 wood pigeon

Scrape hide: 1 lapwing

Ramsar & Sand martin hides: 58 common gull, 8 Mediterranean gull, 3 lapwing

Lapwing hide: 5 lapwing.

Thurs 3 March

Reedbed: 1 great tit, 3 blue tits, 1 Cetti’s warbler, 1 green woodpecker, 2 Canada geese, 24 mallards, 1 song thrush, 1 reed bunting

Scrape Hide: 18 shoveler, 2 teal, and 2 shelducks

Arun Riverlife: 2 oystercatchers, 2 kingfishers.