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Oystercatcher chick and juvenile kingfisher

On Sunday Reserve Warden Suzi Lanaway spotted two fledged lapwing chicks with their parents across from the Ramsar hide.

This was good news because we hadn’t had a chick sighting for weeks. That isn’t unusual when the vegetation gets tall - it's difficult to spot them. We had heard the parents giving contact calls to chicks and the adults continued to mob herring gulls and crows, both signs there was at least one survivor among the four chicks spotted on April 28.

A juvenile kingfisher continues to be spotted on site – last seen on Sunday at the Scrape hide. Look for a kingfisher with duller feather, grey legs and a white tip on its beak. We think there are two fledgling kingfishers but we have not seen them both at the same time so we can’t confirm our theory. These fledglings are the offspring of the pair in that nested on Arun Riverlife lagoon in the artificial bank. The pair of kingfishers nesting in the left arm of the Sand Martin hide are still feeding young in the nest.

Several sand martins are nesting in the right arm of the nesting bank on the Sand Martin hide. We won’t know the number of nests until we check at the end of the season after the martin migrate south.

The pair of oystercatchers still have their chick in area outside the Coastal Creek aviary (above). They continue to aggressively mob herring gulls to protect their chick who is looking quite chunky and well fed!

Wed 8 June

Arun Riverlife lagoon: 6 tufted ducks plus one female with 4 ducklings

Pelican Cove: 4 pochard including one duckling, 7 tufted ducks

Coastal Creek reedbed: 1 oystercatcher and chick,1 coot

Lakes & Forest exhibit: 4 tufted ducks

Trumpeter swan pen: 1 female moorhen and two chicks, a pair of tufted ducks and three ducklings

Woodland Loop: a great spotted woodpecker

Sussex screen: 1 male gadwall

Scrape hide: 1 mute swans, 1 chiffchaff, 2 blue tits, 11 mallards, 2 male Cetti’s warblers, 1 wren, 1 pochard, 1 chaffinch, 2 tufted ducks, 2 moorhens, 1 coot, 6 sand martins, 2 reed warblers, 1 grey heron, 1 male shelduck

Sand martin hide: 1 pair of oystercatchers, 3 male shoveler, 4 tufted ducks, 3 mute swans, c20 sand martins, 20 black headed gull with 2 chicks

Ramsar hide: 1 pochard, 2 adults lapwing with 1 fledged chick, 62 male gadwall with 4 females, 1 shelduck

Lapwing hide: 1 pair of lapwing

Tues 7 June

Ramsar & Sand martin hides: 74 gadwall, 1 cackling goose, 1 male mandarin, 5 shovelers, a pair of lapwing with two fledglings, 9 tufted ducks, 15 mallards including 4 ducklings, 6 coots, 66 black-headed gulls, a pair of oystercatchers, 5 lesser black-backed gulls, 1 mute swans, 1 pochard, 12 sand martins, 1 moorhen

Pelican Cove: 1 pochard, two oystercatchers with chick

Mon 6 June

Pelican Cove: 1 adult pochard with 1 duckling, 2 oystercatchers with 1 chick

Arun Riverlife: 15 tufted ducks, 1 male kingfisher on perch

Ramsar & Sand Martin hide: 1 shoveler, 3 pochards, 2 mute swans, c5 sand martin

Wetland Discovery: 1 kestrel

Woodland loop: 1 mandarin

Sun 5 June

Arun Riverlife: 1 pochard.

Pelican Cove: 1 adult pochard and one duckling, 2 adult oystercatchers and 1 chick

Wetland Discovery: 1 moorhen, 1 1 greylag adult with 3 young, 1 kingfisher

Ramsar hide: 2 adult lapwing with 2 young, 63 gadwall, 1 cattle egret, c40 lesser black-backed gulls.

Sand martin hide: 2 oystercatchers, 2 mute swans

Scrape hide: juvenile kingfisher visiting regularly

Sat 4 June

Arun Riverlife lagoon: 2 mute swans, 1 moorhen, 1 coot, 4 male mallards, 4 tufted ducks, 9 black-headed gulls, 1 gadwall, 1 kestrel

Pelican Cove: 3 male, one female pochard and one duckling, 6 house martins, 2 adult oystercatchers with 1 chick, 2 mullein moth caterpillars on figwort

Woodland Loop: 2 mallards with 6 well grown ducklings, blue tits and fledglings – noisy crew!

Ramsar & Sand Martin hide: 2 pochard, 1 kingfisher flying out of nest hole and across the lake, 1 oystercatcher on left island, 8 sand martins

Lapwing hide: 2 lapwing calling at back of the grassland

Offham hangar: 2 peregrines – 1 perched and 1 flying