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Singing and nesting around the reserve

Sand martins and kingfishers continue to show at the Sand martin hide. A pair of oystercatchers have been frequenting the fresh cobble islands out front (photo).

Between Ramsar and Sand martin hides look out for lapwing and chicks, common gulls, Med gulls, shelducks, shoveler, mute swans and greylag geese and goslings.

In the Wood Loop look out for chaffinches, blue and great tits on the feeders and mandarin and mallard ducks below and in the ditch. Lots of sininging around the reserve from chiffchaffs, Cetti’s warblers, sedge warblers, song thrush and black caps. Look up for soaring buzzards and kestrel perching. Water rails have been seen and heard squealing around the reedbeds.

Sightings from WWT wardens assessing specific areas of the reserve on a rotating basis. See daily sightings highlights posted daily in the Visitor Centre.

Wed 4 May

Ramsar hide: a pair of lapwing

Pond in front of Coastal Creek aviary: 2 oystercatchers nesting.

Scrape hide: 10 Canada geese, 7 greylag geese, 4 pochards, 8 tufted ducks, 1 shelduck, 2 lapwing, 4 male and 3 female mallards, a pair of gadwall, 1 coot, 1 moorhen, 1 sedge warbler, 1 Cetti’s warbler, 1 male shoveler

Tranquil Trail: a pair of bullfinches

Arun Riverlife: 1 kingfisher

Along perimeter fence: 1 cuckoo in flight

Tues 3 May

Arun Riverlife: 1 oystercatcher, 2 pochard

Pond in front of Coastal Creek aviary: 2 oystercatchers nesting.

Scrape Hide: 3 male pochards, 2 lapwing – male nest scraping

Ramsar hide: 2 shoveler, 7 greylag geese, 13 Canada geese, 13 gadwall 6 male and 7 females, a pair of lapwing mobbing crows and contact calling chicks, 2 moorhens, 5 mallards, 10 tufted ducks (5 pairs), 39 black-headed gulls, 4 coots, 2 cackling geese, 1 Cetti’s warbler, 2 oystercatchers, 1 shelduck, 1 kingfisher, 12 sand martins

Wetland Discovery: 1 nightingale

Mon 2 May

Lapwing hide: 2 lapwing, 8 Canada geese, 12 greylag geese - 4 male 3 females 5 goslings, 1 shoveler, a pair of mallards, 1 male gadwall

Ramsar & Sand martin hides: 2 oystercatchers, 2 lapwing, 1 male and 1 female kingfisher on perch outside Sand martin hide, 2 pied wagtails, 6 sand martins

Scrape hide: 3 male pochards

Wetland Discovery: 1 nightingale

Sun 1 May

Wetland Discovery: 7 Canada geese, 5 male and 4 female tufted ducks, pair of greylag geese and 2 goslings, 5 male and 3 female mallards, 1 Cetti’s warbler

Ramsar & Sand Martin hide: 1 little egret

Arun Riverlife: 1 kingfisher flew into Hole 5 on artificial nesting bank, 3 male pochards