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It been a busy few days, as the results from the first breeding bird survey of the year have been tallied up! In other news, the odd common sandpiper have been seen daily on the mere over the past week, and a wood sandpiper was spotted from United Utilites hide on Saturday. Cattle egret numbers have climbed again, with a count of 18 on Friday with the herd. The tawny owl was showing well on Friday in the trees on the way to Ron Barker hide, as well as a Cetti's warbler who has taken up residence in the bramble bush on the bridge over the sluice outside Ron Barker hide. Swallows have been seen flying all over the site, and ~4 swifts were spotted from United Utilities hide yesterday.

Without further ado, here are the results.....

Mute Swan: 4 pairs

Canada Goose: 58 pairs

Greylag Goose: 42 pairs

Shelduck: 83 pairs

Mallard: 225 pairs

Shoveler: 68 pairs

Gadwall: 13 pairs

Wigeon: 1 pair

Tufted Duck: 23 pairs

Pochard: 13 pairs

Pheasant: 8 pairs

Little Grebe: 2 pairs

Great Crested Grebe: 2 pairs

Coot: 28 pairs

Moorhen: 44 pairs

Water Rail: 2 pairs

Oystercatcher: 7 pairs

Avocet: 19 pairs

Snipe: 27 pairs

Redshank: 5 pairs

Woodpigeon: 40 pairs

Kestrel: 1 pair

Buzzard: 1 pair

Little Owl: 1 pair

Kingfisher: 1 pair

Great-spotted Woodpecker: 2 pairs

Skylark: 20 pairs

Meadow Pipit: 1 pair

Pied Wagtail: 1 pair

Dunnock: 9 pairs

Robin: 22 pairs

Blackbird: 11 pairs

Song Thrush: 12 pairs

Sedge Warbler: 14 pairs

Reed Warbler: 16 pairs

Cetti's Warbler: 32 pairs

Blackcap: 18 pairs

Whitethroat: 1 pair

Chiffchaff: 24 pairs

Willow Warbler: 27 pairs

Grasshopper Warbler: 4 pairs

Goldcrest: 4 pairs

Wren: 69 pairs

Blue Tit: 17 pairs

Great Tit: 23 pairs

Coal Tit: 1 pair

Long-tailed Tit: 4 pairs

Jackdaw: 12 pairs

Magpie: 6 pairs

Crow: 6 pairs

Linnet: 3 pairs

Chaffinch: 15 pairs

Goldfinch: 11 pairs

Greenfinch: 2 pairs

Reed Bunting: 51 pairs

Stonechat: 7 pairs

House Sparrow: 7 pairs

Sparrowhawk: 1 pair

Jay: 1 pair

Grey Wagtail: 1 pair

Pintail: 2 pairs

(Photo: Common Sandpiper)

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