Membership price freeze

As a leading conservation charity protecting wetlands worldwide we want to make sure your membership is as affordable as possible, particularly in these uncertain times.

Normally, each year our membership prices rise incrementally to keep up with inflation.

But this year, you’ll have no price increase while we commit to keeping up our positive impact on the world’s wetlands.

Why are we freezing membership prices?

We want to make WWT membership affordable and accessible to all and this is a value we carry through to the present day.

When are we freezing membership prices?

We will be freezing membership prices from Wednesday 1st April 2020.

Why do we usually increase membership prices?

By increasing membership prices, it means we can do even more conservation work to protect wetlands and some of the most amazing species. Every small increase each year allows us to do even more to protect our wetlands and the incredible species who live there. This year we hope that by freezing membership prices we will encourage more people to stay as an existing member or join as a new member.

If you are not increasing prices, does that mean you will have less money to spend on conservation?

We hope that by freezing prices, we will encourage more new members to join and more existing members to stay, meaning that overall we will have more money to spend on conservation. It is also a thank you to existing members for their amazing support.

What is my membership contributing to?

As a member, you are contributing to our vital conservation work across the world. In 2018-19, our members contributed an amazing £7.3 million pounds to WWT. We absolutely couldn’t do what we do without you.

What if I’m due for renewal in March 2021, but I don’t renew until April 2021?

If prices do go up next year, we will continue to honour the former renewal price for anyone due for renewal up until 31st March 2021. However, if your membership lapses for longer than three months, we will ask you to pay the new membership price.

What if you want to pay more?

That is wonderful to hear - please contact our Supporter Services Team directly via our contact details below, or await your renewal letter if you would like to increase your support.

Do you have further questions?

Please email our Supporter Services Team at