1. Membership is valid for 12 months from the start date which is normally the date of purchase unless otherwise agreed at the time of joining (e.g. when a gift membership is purchased). Entitlement to become a member is entirely at the discretion of WWT.
  2. Members are entitled to enjoy any membership benefits and offers available from the day of joining. This includes free unlimited entry to all WWT’s visitor centres, subject to the ‘Visitor information and associated terms and conditions of entry’ relating to the centre visited. These are available on the WWT website and cover the conduct of all paying and non-paying visitors to centres. Members in breach of these rules may be refused entry or asked to leave.
  3. Membership is not transferable, and only named members may use the membership card and enjoy membership benefits. WWT reserves the right to ask members for additional ID when visiting in order to protect bona fide members’ interests and to ensure the membership scheme is not abused.
  4. In order to gain free entry, members must have a valid membership card with them. WWT reserves the right to charge admission to members without a valid card at the time of entry, or to refuse entry. A refund will only be given at a later date once validity of membership has been established.
  5. Members are entitled to bring guests to centres at the available discounted rate by using the discount vouchers included in their Welcome Pack. Discount vouchers may also be used by visitors not accompanied by a WWT member.
  6. Fellow and Life members may bring one (unnamed) family guest to centres when visiting. Proof of familial relationship is not required for the member’s guest.
  7. Disabled members of any age can bring carer(s) at no charge when visiting.
  8. A member who will turn 65 during the year of membership is entitled to membership at the concessionary rate when they join or renew. In the case of joint concessionary membership, both members must be 65 or over, or turning 65, during the year of their membership.
  9. A member who converts to Life membership is not entitled to a refund of any outstanding balance on an existing annual membership unless otherwise agreed with the Membership Office.
  10. A child is defined as being aged from 4 to 16 inclusive on the day of joining.
  11. Up to six children directly related to, or legally adopted by, the named adult members are entitled to be included in a family membership. Children not directly related to adult members (e.g. nieces and nephews, or children in the care of a childminder) may not be included in a family membership.
  12. Family memberships are for named parents or grandparents with up to six of their named children or grandchildren 4-16 years inclusive, living at the same address
  13. Fostered children may be included in a family membership providing WWT has been notified of this arrangement and any adjustment to the membership subscription made.
  14. Due to the additional resource and staffing required, WWT membership does not entitle children or accompanying adults to free entry as part of a pre-booked education visit, nor when visiting as part of a childminder group. These visits are not included in membership benefits and entitlements.
  15. Unaccompanied children may not visit centres irrespective of whether they are family or junior members.
  16. Membership does not entitle members to a discount in our shops and cafes.
  17. Members are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting. Notification of the date, time and location of the AGM is advertised in Waterlife and is also available by contacting WWT.
  18. Members, who are classed as Ordinary Members under WWT’s Terms of Association, do not have voting rights. Full details of the Memorandum and Articles of Association are available on the WWT website.
  19. A membership will be considered to have lapsed when due payment, either annually or monthly, has not been made.
  20. No refund will be given when a membership is cancelled before the end of the 12 month membership period. WWT reserves the right to cancel a membership where a member has acted in breach of the ‘Visitor information and associated terms and conditions of entry’ at any of WWT’s centres.