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18 Mar 2017

Kingfisher activity

Kingfisher Hide

Lots of activity from the Kingfishers. Two birds both with pale bases to the bill have been excavating this morning. The Lapwing are very active over the new pieces with over 20 birds displaying. A Little Grebe and several Gadwall were also here.

South Lake

Nice flock of 200 Black Tailed Godwit and 40 Avocet, then two male and a female Gargeney appeared from the left of the hide and gave great views from 10.15. Also 4 Snipe and 50 Shoveler.

Holden and Hides

Three Cranes and still a good flock of Whitefronts (at least 104 were counted). A thorough scan was made for Wheatear but none found. A very distant flock of Wagtails may well have been White Wagtails. There were 125 Wigeon on the Tack piece and a total of 310 on site. Nine Curlew were feeding on the Tack Piece and a further 34 Shoveler . Lots of territorial activity from the Lapwings on the Dumbles and several Chiffchaff singing along the walkway.

Zeiss hide

More Lapwing displaying here, single Black Tailed Godwit, Avocet and a Little Egret.