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15 Apr 2017

Avocet activity

South Lake

Lots of activity from the Avocets with at least 37, many now incubating, nest building and displaying. Close up views particularly good from the Hogarth Hide. The Black Tailed Godwit are great here as well  250 so far today (360 yesterday) Like the Avocets there are some stunningly close view from both hides and many are now in there colourful breeding plumage.
Other waders of note include 4 Ruff and a Spotted Redshank all colouring up nicely and a handful of Redshank. there was a 2nd summer Mediterranean Gull but no sign yet of yesterdays Little Gull.

Avocets on new islands

South Finger and Zeiss Hide

Lots of warblers singing here a handful each of Sedge, Reed, Willow and Cettis Warbler also Blackcaps and Chiffchaff. There are 14 territorial Lapwing displaying over the field.

Kingfisher Hide

No sign of the Kingfishers here this morning which hopefully means they are now incubating. If any one sees nest change overs or feeding visits from the male we would be interested to hear.


Avocet 12
Wigeon Hybrid 1

Holden Tower and tack Piece

Crane 7
Teal 12