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09 Jun 2017

Today’s sightings

Its a warm sunny morning with just the odd shower around, much nicer than forecast!  New life continues to emerge across the reserve, with additions this morning including several broods of Reed Warbler branching out from the nest but still being fed by their parents.  One brood is showing very well in front of the Robbie Garnett Hide.


Rushy Hide

A female Gadwall and a single duckling were again feeding on the lower pond where at least three Avocet chicks are also present, two almost at fledgling size.  Only four Black-tailed Godwits were present first thing, but more dropped in as the morning progressed with many coming very close to the hide.  Two broods of Shelduck were also on the lower pond, both now with 15 ducklings.  A pair of Oystercatchers were on the upper pond, but the chick may have been hidden in the grass.  Several House Martin are also nest building on the Scott House.

Robbie Garnett Hide

Along with the very showy brood of Reed Warblers in front of the hide, there were six Avocet chicks on the scrape including a brood of two nearly at fledgling age, and a much smaller brood of four.  There was no sign of the Green Sandpiper.

Zeiss Hide

Lots of Swifts were blasting across the scrape this morning along with a few Swallows.  On the scrape were 82 Shelduck, including a new brood of 12 ducklings.  A pair of Oystercatchers were also on the scrape.  Three Cranes (Cotton, Oakie and Evie) were feeding near the reedbed in front of the Van de Bovenkamp Hide before moving to the Bottom New Piece by the Kingfisher Hide

Kingfisher Hide

A male Kingfisher was sat outside the nesting bank this morning.  We believe the pair are beginning their second brood.

South Lake Hides

Our nesting pair of Cranes are still incubating in front of the Hogarth Hide, with Bart here again this morning whilst his mate Ruby was feeding in the Tin Shed Ground just the other side of the fence.  At least five broods of Avocet were on the wader scrape, all growing well and busy feeding along with a total of 43 adults.  The brood of Shelduck is now down to 10 ducklings.  A pair of Oystercatcher were on the duck marsh from the Hogarth Hide.