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16 Jan 2018

4430+ Lapwing

Rushy Hide and Peng Observatory

At least one Little Stint present plus a flock 500 mobile Lapwing and 140 Dunlin on the top pond islands early morning. 100+ Bewick’s Swans roosted. Very busy with wild birds at both ends of the day, quieter around midday.

Tack Piece

The ‘cream-crown’ Marsh Harrier was back again and hunting for a time this morning, Peregrine Falcons were very active and kept the wader flocks and wildfowl alert. 1800 Lapwing (includes the Rushy birds) 850 Golden Plover, 200+ Curlew, 40+ Redshank, 15+ Ruff, 300 Dunlin, 108 E. White-fronted Geese, 150+ Pintail, 40+ Shoveler, 800+ Wigeon and 500 Teal. Two Foxes (dog and vixen)were close to the Robbie Garnett Hide before wandering off across the Tack Piece.

Crane (Squidgy) and Fox on the Tack Piece

Holden Tower

Peregrine Falcon was on the Dumbles between hunting forays and a Sparrowhawk flew by spooking 12 Linnets. 140 Wigeon and 2 Little Stints were on the scrape.

South Lake

1930 Lapwing counted, 350+ Dunlin, 16+ Ruff, 12+ Snipe, 2 Avocets, 112 Black-tailed Godwit and 80 Shoveler.

Zeiss Hide

300 Wigeon, 350 Teal, 30+ Snipe, 700 Lapwing and 300 Dunlin.

Snipe and Mallards from Zeiss Hide