Around 70% of land in the UK is agricultural land. We are blessed with some of the most productive farmland in the world and much of this productivity is connected to wetlands. Wetlands are some of the most productive ecosystems on the planet and much of our farmland in coastal areas, lowland floodplains, and some uplands is located in and around such wetlands.

Rural wetlands

However, this can also create conflict. The very land that we seek to use for productive purposes is vital for wetland habitats and species. Striking the right balance will reap long-term rewards for both, as well as deliver a whole host of other ecosystem services, such as improving water quality and protecting us from flooding.

WWT is actively working to help find this balance. Our ‘Working Wetlands’ approach seeks to use the multiple benefits provided by wetlands as a tool to bring them back into the agricultural environment. We are working to develop specific solutions such as farm treatment wetlands, demonstrate the role of wetlands at a catchment scale, generate new evidence on the benefits they provide, and influence law and policy to help create, restore and revitalise wetlands in the agricultural landscape.