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Families who enjoy a day of hands-on discovery will find hours of fun at Martin Mere.

At the building

  • Every weekend and each day of the holidays there is our craft room with a selection of craft activities (some require a small charge).
  • Pick up a bag of grain and feed the Hawaiian Nene, the rarest goose in the world that WWT helped to reintroduce back into the wild, whilst exploring our waterfowl collection.
  • Toddler Thursday (Term time only): Entertain the little ones by coming along to our story time every Thursday during term time at 10.30am and 1pm in the fun family room.

At the canoe safari

  • Den building is a fantastic, adventurous activity where families and individuals work together to create dens out of conifer and branches. Included in admission.
  • Let the youngsters swing and climb on our play area, whilst you enjoy a picnic on the benches or a drink from our kiosk (open weekends and holidays).

Whilst you walk around:

  • Listen for the calls of some of the oddest birds in our ‘WOW’ exhibit – is it Weird or Wonderful? (Included in admission.)
  • Go to our wide range of daily talks and feeds to learn more about our amazing wetland wildlife.
  • Meander through a maze of wetland tracks, squelch through the muddy meadow to the middle maze lodge, bounce across the wobbly web bridge to the wet woods and balance along a reedy ramble - you will find it all in our Wild Walk (including one of the world's largest bug hotels!): included in admission Click here for wild walk videos and pictures.

Rushes play area:

  • From zip wire screams and scramble net laughs, to treehouse trailblazing and water zone wonders, our huge adventure playground is a total rush for ages 3 to 12.

Days out with the kids