Cape Barren Cuteness as three goslings hatch at WWT Martin Mere

WWT Martin Mere is excited to announce its first hatchlings of the year in its living collection, welcoming three adorable cape barren goslings.

Also known as the cereopsis (or pig goose), the cape barren is known as being a strong bird, with long sharp claws and strong wings which have well-developed carpal knobs to help fight for territorial rights. And although the cape barren may not be so cute and cuddly, their goslings certainly are!

Cape barren gosling stood on a sandy area. It is propping one of its legs up and has its head turned with eye looking at the camera.

The goslings are cute but comical, with stubby legs, big feet, and bigger builds on their body, which makes their head appear small in comparison. They have grey plumage with white stripes across their bodies. You will also notice that, unlike their parents, their legs are a dark grey rather than red, which will start to change as they grow.

This loyal species is monogamous, and pairs will bond for life. The pair at WWT Martin Mere first bred in 2020 and have been successful most years after.

A family of cape barrens. Two adults and 3 goslings all walking together.

Nick Brooks, Centre Manager, said: “We’re really pleased to see the successful breeding of our cape barren geese once again. The goslings hatched near the beginning of April, making them around four weeks old now.

“For those wanting to get a closer look at the trio, WWT Martin Mere is open every day from 9:30am - 6pm and the cape barren family can be seen in the ‘Weird or Wonderful’ section.”

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Photo credit: Lisa Wilkinson-Gamble

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