Meet Bhagavi Podichetty, Administrative Volunteer at Martin Mere

Bhagavi, who volunteers once a week as part of our office team, has been with us for around 16 months now. She describes volunteering at Martin Mere as “fun, inclusive, and collaborative”.

Bhagavi originally decided to enquire about volunteering as she wanted to do something different and to meet new people.

“I wanted to do something that was out of my comfort zone. I’m also quite social and like to meet new people”

Bhagavi helps out with a range of tasks as part of her volunteering, which is one of the most enjoyable aspects for her.

“I love that no one day is the same. I might be helping out with the Wednesday toddler sessions, or I could be pond dipping, or helping out in the craft room. But I also support with administrative tasks in the office”.

Asked about what her most memorable experience as a volunteer was, Bhagavi said: “There was one time I was helping out in the craft room. A little girl who was doing some crafts wouldn’t go home until she had shown me what she had done. It was lovely that she was proud of her work and that she also wanted me to see it and get my feedback”.

As for advice she would give to someone looking to volunteer, Bhagavi says to just go for it.

“If you’ve been thinking about volunteering but you’ve been put off for some reason, just give it a go and you’ll be surprised at how rewarding it is”.

Volunteer with us

Martin Mere is always on the search for new volunteers - we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without their help. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can find out more about what roles we have available here.

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