Can you find one of the rarest geese in the UK? See if you can spot the lesser white-fronted goose roaming amongst the wild swans, greylag geese and European white fronted geese.

Now open

To the untrained eye the lesser white-fronted goose and the European white-fronted goose look very similar. However if you look more closely you will be able to see the subtle differences.

Be a real birdwatcher and try out our binoculars and telescopes. We’ll even be putting your new skills to the test with a challenge to find the lesser white-fronted goose by looking for the golden ring around its eyes.

Seeing lesser white-fronted geese at Slimbridge was one of the reasons Sir Peter Scott founded WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre – as a safe haven for the UK’s rarest geese, as they spend the winter here to escape the cold arctic weather.

Sir Peter Scott was the first person to discover that the rare lesser white-fronted geese can migrate with the more common European white-fronted geese allowing conservationist to better understand the life and needs of this rare goose.

Things to do

  • Find one of the rarest geese in the UK – the lesser white-fronted goose
  • Be a real birdwatcher and try out our binoculars and telescopes
  • Hand feed the geese
  • Admire the recycled metalwork sculpture of a flock of geese

Project update

We’ve been working with local reclaimed metal artist, Jason Lane to design a sculpture that would tell the story of the lesser white fronted goose as it migrates from arctic Russia to Slimbridge. The sculpture of a flock of geese coming into land is the focal point of Sir Peter Scott’s Goose Challenge. One of the geese has mechanical wings that visitors can move by turning a wheel.