To protect the health and wellbeing of our flamingos and some collection birds, they will be undercover over the winter. Also, due to government requirements we have stopped hand-feeding the birds. Thank you for understanding.

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Waterscapes Aviary | Autumn Special 2021

The Waterscapes Aviary is just one of the new immersive exhibits, as part of the Slimbridge 75 project. The aviary aims to bring visitors closer to nature and to engage them with different types of British wetlands, and the wildlife that lives within them.

Find out more about the Slimbridge 75 project, including the Waterscapes Aviary.

Duck Decoy Demonstrations Return | November 2021

When WWT founder, Sir Peter Scott arrived at Slimbridge in 1946 he realised the potential of the onsite Victorian Duck Decoy as a method for catching birds for conservation, including adding identification leg rings – allowing birds to be monitored and studied for years to come. Come along to a demonstration every Saturday at 2pm from November – February.

Find out more.

South Lake Reserve Work | October 2021

In this WildWatch join Senior Reserve Warden, Martin McGill, to learn about the latest Reserve work out on the South Lake to improve and enhance the area – not just for all the wetland wildlife, but also for the visitors to Slimbridge.

Biaza Gold Award | October 2021

Learn about the Gold Award Slimbridge won in the BIAZA awards, in the Animal Behaviour & Welfare category. Animal welfare refers to how the animals are feeling, what they are provided with throughout the course of their lives, how they behave and what they can do in the space that they have, as well as how they respond to people around them. Find out more in the Flamingo Diary.

Stiff-tails | September 2021

Go behind the scenes to Top Hut with Deputy Living Collections Manager, Phoebe Vaughan. WWT holds nearly 50% of the world’s zoological collection of maccoa stiff-tailed ducks and Slimbridge have had a successful year breeding them behind the scenes.

Biodiversity | September 2021

In this WildWatch join Dave Paynter, Reserve Manager, as he tells us a little bit about the incredible biodiversity at Slimbridge Wetland Centre. Find out what habitats add to this biodiversity including salt marshes, club-rush marsh as well as reed sweet-grass and what insects you can look out for on the reserve.

Toad Hall Talks | August 2021

In this WildWatch join Freya Boor, Living Collections Assistant, as she introduces two of the stars of Slimbridge’s Toad Hall talks: African bullfrogs and emperor crocodile newts.

Find out more about these species including where they come from, what they eat and how they adapt to their surroundings.

Free, daily, Toad Hall talks are now back on at Slimbridge Wetland Centre. Meet these species and many more for yourself next time you visit Slimbridge.

Waders | August 2021

This month on the Slimbridge reserve, catch up with Reserve Warden, Scott Petrek. August is an important time of year for waders as they start their autumn migration. In this WildWatch find out all about which waders you can spot at Slimbridge and where to look out for them. You can also learn about the different adaptations that waders have so that they are not all competing for the same food resource.

Mission Possible | Summer Special 2021

In this seasonal WildWatch special join William Costa, Living Collections Warden, as he tells us all about our new exhibit Mission Possible. Mission Possible is one of our eight new exhibits as part of the Slimbridge 75 project supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Mission Possible opened in June 2021 and is an exciting and immersive new exhibit that brings to life WWT’s worldwide conservation work. In this WildWatch find out more about the story behind Mission Possible and learn all about how WWT saves wetlands and the species that call them home.

60 Years of Flamingos at WWT | July 2021

In this WildWatch join Dr Paul Rose, Research Associate, to celebrate 60 years of flamingos at WWT founder and learn why we have all six species of flamingo at Slimbridge.

WWT founder Sir Peter Scott was keen to display the different types of flamingo because of their unique habitats and adaptations they have compared to other species of birds. He wanted to show the relationships between ducks, geese, swans and other water birds as he originally thought that flamingos were very closely related to the ducks, geese and swans. We now know this is not the case and that they are actually incredibly closely related to grebes and even pigeons!

Also find out how you can spot some of the original birds that came to Slimbridge in 1961, next time you visit.

Find out more in this special flamingo diary entry.

Hides | June 2021

In this WildWatch join Slimbridge Reserve Manager, Dave Paynter, from down at the South Lake Discovery Hide. Bird hides are now back open as of 17 May 2021 and Dave explains about the new Covid guidelines we have in place, the Guides in the Hides you may meet on your visit and what wildlife you can look out for at this time of year.

Living Wetland Theatre | June 2021

In this WildWatch join Slimbridge Deputy Living Collections Manager for Presentations, Selina Reid. Find out more in this sneak peek video as to what you can expect to see and learn in the Living Wetland Theatre, which is opening in July 2021. Birds featured will include pelicans, a crowned crane and magpie geese and visitors will be able to learn more about how these bird adapt to life in wetlands. Talks and demonstrations in the theatre will take a closer look at the birds feet, beaks and feathers and educate audiences on the plight of wetlands.

Find out more about the Living Wetland Theatre.

Curlew special | Spring 2021

Join Slimbridge Reserve Warden, Scott Petrek, from the Summer Walkway overlooking the Severn Estuary, as he tells us all about curlews. Across the world there are eight species of curlew, but two of those are already thought to be extinct, with three more classified as near threatened including the Eurasian curlew. Once a common sight across the UK, the Eurasian curlew are now a species in crisis. Find out in this WildWatch special what conservation and monitoring efforts WWT are carrying out to reverse the decline of these wonderful waders.

Creating more wetlands | Winter 2020

Join Slimbridge Reserve Warden, Scott Petrek, on a tour of newly created wetland habitat out on the reserve at Slimbridge. Find out about the new wetland treatment system designed to clean up the water before it heads out onto the reserve as well as providing a fantastic wildlife habitat. Also learn about one of the biggest restoration projects undertaken at Slimbridge in recent years – the creation of their paleochannel.

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