See a WildWatch special on Bewick’s Swans with Principle Researcher, Julia Newth.

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Meet the Greenland white-fronts at our Arctic Adventure exhibit and hear all about our seasonal arrivals and how to identify our winter ducks.


Learn all about how we keep our flamingos happy through the wintertime in this month’s instalment of WildWatch.


Hear an update from our Reserve team, meet Sprout our pelican who will feature in our Living Wetland Theatre in 2020 and go behind-the-scenes to see how our crested screamer chicks are growing!


Hear an update from the Reserve team and learn about our annual Grass-Poly survey, plus meet some baby harvest mice in Back from the Brink.


Learn more about why flamingos are pink, get an update on Wild Safaris, the Estuary Tower and Summer Walkway and meet some of our goslings.


WildWatch this month, we’re meeting the new mammal supervisor Rosie at the North American otters and getting an update from the Reserve about their current work and wildlife sightings.

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