Who we are

WWT protects wetlands and wildlife. We believe all you need to start making the world a better place is imagination, passion and a trusty pair of boots.

We are the UK’s leading wetland conservation charity

Almost all life depends on wetlands for water, food, or habitat. Yet a third of all wetlands have been destroyed. We are pioneers in saving threatened wetland wildlife, a centre for excellence in conservation science and experts in wetland management and creation.


We have big ambitions
for the next 25 years...

WWT was founded by Sir Peter Scott as a conservation charity to protect wetlands for wildlife and people. We believe that showing people first-hand how amazing wetlands are can ignite their passion to help us conserve them – so we also welcome one million visitors every year to our unique wetland reserves.

Our vision

A world where healthy wetland nature thrives and enriches lives.

Our mission

We conserve, restore and create wetlands, save wetland wildlife, and inspire everyone to value the amazing things healthy wetlands achieve for people and nature.

Our six big goals

What we want the world to look like by 2040

  • The UK's wetlands and their wildlife are thriving and increasing
  • Everyone in the UK can access wetlands that provide amazing experiences and inspire support for their conservation
  • Wetlands in the UK are recognised as part of our natural infrastructure providing space for wildlife and people and vital services to us all
  • Decision makers globally understand the threats to wetland nature and are taking ambitious action to remove them
  • Wetlands are managed in a way that benefits wetland nature and enhances people's lives across the the world
  • Risks are decreasing for all wetland nature and no species have gone extinct