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19 Sep 2017

Top Trumps comes to WWT Slimbridge

This autumn GIANT Top Trumps is coming to WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre and the team are challenging visitors to beat them in the biggest game ever!
How does it work? On arrival visitors will receive their own Top Trumps card and scoresheet, free with admission. Each card features a wetland animal which is scored according to various traits including size, cuteness, ferocity and wackiness.
Stationed around the grounds are GIANT Top Trumps cards, featuring wetland animals synonymous with the centre. Visitors are being invited to spend the day exploring the site and, just like the classic game, see how their very own animal matches up to the oversized equivalents.
Featured creatures include Slimbridge favourites like the nene, the iconic Bewick’s swan, flashy kingfishers, cute mammals including otters and water voles and of course, the Chilean flamingo.
Chris Foster, WWT Slimbridge Acting General Manager said:
“It’s great to be able to showcase some of the animals people come to WWT Slimbridge especially to see, in this fantastic game of GIANT Top Trumps. We’ve chosen a selection of our visitors’ most favourite species and we think they’ll love playing alongside them.”
“The game gives an insight into what these creatures are really like, in a fun and enjoyable way, so it’s also a great way to introduce these animals to visitors who are new to Slimbridge and will hopefully spark an interest in nature that will last a lifetime.”
Visitors can get stuck in to the ever-popular game between 23 September and 29 October and even enjoy Halloween fun over the October half term with Slimbridge Spooktacular, in addition to the Top Trumps activities.
Find out more by visiting the events page.