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06 Sep 2017

Waders on the up

Numbers and variety of waders are on the up this week, just in time of our first Severn Wader Festival.  Details about the weekend here.



South Lake Hides

The birds were well spread across the wader scrape this morning and included over 160 black-tailed godwit, 2 green sandpiper, 3 snipe, 12 ruff and 37 redshank.  The somewhat elusive wood sandpiper was seen again this afternoon.

Zeiss Hide

Eleven species of wader on offer this morning including a juvenile spotted redshank, greenshank, 12 juvenile ruff, a single black-tailed godwit, 2 green sandpiper, 61 lapwing, 3 snipe and 2 redshank.  The start of the high tide pushed in 9 ringed plover and 4 dunlin, with more surely to follow as the tides increase during the next few days.  At least 100 curlew were roosting on the Dumbles.  The newly arrived wigeon were a flock of 13, seen near the Van de Bovenkamp Hide.  The rising tide also pushed in 13 shelduck

Rushy Hide

A juvenile little-ringed plover was on the mud this morning along with 4 green sandpiper, 2 black-tailed godwit, 27 lapwing whilst 6 snipe were on the causeway.  A grey wagtail was feeding in the channel in front of the hide.  Thank you for you patience over the last few days whilst we’ve been busy completing the big cut in this area.  This work has now finished for a few weeks and birds were already returning whilst we were packing up this afternoon.