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12 Feb 2018

Frozen again

Sunny spells, spring breeding migrants arriving and a bit of warmth in the sunshine, but a cold start reminding us we are still in winter.

South Lake Hides

Around 1600 Lapwing were stood on the ice and islands this morning with 120 Black-tailed Godwit mixed in amongst the flock.  A pair of Oystercatcher were in front of the Discovery Hide, copulated and then flew to feed in the Big Pen next to the Visitor Centre.  A third bird was on the island with the Lapwing.  Duck on the deep lake included 55 Pochard, 104 Tufted Duck, 16 Shoveler, 66 Teal with a few Gadwall and Shoveler.

Rushy Hide & Peng Observatory

A busy upper pond this morning with the lower pond completely frozen.  There were 122 Bewick’s Swans present this morning along with 138 Shelduck.  Two Little Stint were feeding amongst the Teal on the back shoreline, 2 Oystercatcher were on the causeway and 532 Lapwing were dotted across the whole area with 9 Ruff amongst them.

Zeiss Hide

A cold start here with most of the Wigeon leaving for other parts of the reserve early morning, leaving 200 behind.  Around 1000 Lapwing were on the field and 2 Oystercatcher in front of the Van de Bovenkamp Hide.  Three Cranes flew south over the Kingfisher Hide.