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07 Mar 2018

Today’s sightings

The glaucous gull was seen on the river before high tide, flying north at around 9am.  After a foggy start which restricted visibility over the Dumbles, there was a touch of Spring could be felt across the reserve with avocets on the Rushy, displaying lapwing and several species in song including skylark, robin, wren and chaffinch.

Rushy Hide & Peng Observatory

Just four Bewick’s swans have been found on the reserve today, but they seem to have abandoned the Rushy as they prepare to migrate.  There are still plenty of duck on the ponds including 164 Pintail, 82 Shelduck and 2 Wigeon with the usual Pochard, Tufted Duck, Teal and Mallard.  Also present were 78 Lapwing, 4 Avocet and 2 Snipe.

Zeiss Hide

At least 73 snipe were spread across the edge of the scrape with a small flock of 248 dunlin roosting along the shoreline too with 150+ lapwing.  Duck included 410 wigeon, 97 teal and 35 shelduck.  Two Grey Heron were seen and at least two Cetti’s warbler could be heard in song.

Holden Tower

Not much to see first thing in the fog other than around 200 wigeon on the Dumbles scrape.  As the fog cleared the glaucous gull was found on the river.  A small flock of waders began to gather in front of the tower including 150+ golden plover.  Two cranes were feeding to the north end.  At least 127 white-fronted geese were counted in the Tack Piece.

South Lake Hides

Avocets numbers are slowly creeping back up following the snow with 8 present this morning.