The Creepy Crawlies of Martin Mere

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust Martin Mere Wetland Centre is alive with creepy crawlies this National Insect Week. From fluttering butterflies to aquatic critters, you can find plenty of life during your visit.

Martin Mere has recorded 25 species of butterflies. This week we have spotted:

  • Speckled wood
  • Brimstone
  • Meadow brown
  • Small skipper
  • Large white
  • Common blue
  • Small tortoiseshell
  • Small white
  • Red admiral

One rarer species spotted around Martin Mere includes the Small Heath butterfly, a high priority on the Buttery Conservation List and a first sighting for the reserve.

It is also an excellent time for dragonflies, with 13 species recorded. This week we have seen:

  • Azure damselfly
  • Common blue damselfly
  • Blue-tailed damselfly
  • Banded demoiselle
  • Southern hawker
  • Brown hawker
  • Four-spotted chasers

Additionally, you can search for more common minibeasts such as the rove beetle, shield bug, burrowing centipede, harvest spider, earwig, springtail and woodlouse. With the hot weather, the reserve is alive with damselflies and dragonflies, and you will most certainly have insects flying around you on the reedbed walk.

We also had three sightings of the Lunar Hornet Moth at the roundhouse village, after being attracted to a pheromone put out by the Martin Mere team. The species is an unusual creature, as it looks like a wasp but is, in fact, a moth.

Go on the hunt for insects this National Insect Week

WWT Martin Mere has plenty of opportunities to see intriguing insects. Why not plan your visit and see what insects you can discover?

Canoe safari & guided boat tour

Our water trips provide an enjoyable way of spotting insects around the reserve and seeing what they get up to in the wild. On the guided boat tour, our guides will give you fantastic insight into wildlife whilst you experience a breezy and relaxing boat ride.

Moth Trapping

This weekend, you can head towards the discovery hide and participate in the Moth Trapping experience. At 11am, our team will be opening the moth traps to see what they’ve caught as they record the different species we get at Martin Mere. We have recorded 315 species of moths, so you never know what will be discovered in the traps!

Pond Dipping

During weekends from 1:30pm until 3pm, participate in our pond dipping sessions, where you will explore the waters and see what lives underneath. You may find exciting insects such as a pond skater, water mite, lesser water boatman, and dragonfly nymph!

Reedbed Walk

Our reedbed walk is the most exciting area for spotting insects. As you step foot on the trail, you will hear the sounds of crickets and grasshoppers and see the fluttering of bees and butterflies.