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Meet the colourful amphibians living at Toad Hall

At Toad Hall you can see frogs, toads, newts and salamanders from all around the world and learn more about the dangers threatening their survival.

WWT Slimbridge's amphibian collection is one of the largest collections in an institute in Europe, featuring up to 60 species. Favourite characters at Toad Hall include the common toad, golden columbian dart frog, red-eyed tree frog and our axolotl.

You can see the most poisonous animal on the planet - The Golden Columbian Dart Frog.

The Living Collections Supervisor - Amphibians, runs daily talks and handling sessions suitable for families. Come along to learn a bit more and see these curious creatures up close.

Search #slimbridgeamphibians on instagram.

Hop along to our indoor play area!

The Toad Hall exhibit also has attached an indoor play space themed around the wonderful world of amphibians.

Kids can take a tumble with the toads in the tactile soft play, dress up as frog at the vanity suite and play fun puzzles and games with their parents in the comfy booths.

The soft play includes tree frog rockers, a boat house to clamber, hide and slide in and a mini trampoline.

The area has been designed to appeal to a range of ages and includes comfortable seating so you can rest your feet while you watch your little ones.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new play area soon.