Speak up for wetlands this election

The Prime Minister has announced that a General Election will take place on Thursday 4 July.

This is an era-defining moment for us, and for nature. Wetlands are a vital solution to our nature, climate and wellbeing crises. The time to unlock their powers is now.

Join us in making sure the next government recognises the superpower potential of our rivers, our marshes, our peatlands and our ponds.

On 4 July, make your vote count for nature, for wildlife and for people.

How can you help?

Throughout history, change has happened when people come together. Now is your chance to stand up and be heard; for wetlands, for nature, and for our futures.

Talk to your local candidate

Between now and July 4, political candidates will be hoping to get your vote. This is a critical time to find out where your candidates stand on wetlands and nature’s recovery, and maybe even secure a few commitments to local action!

Below is a list of suggested questions you could ask them. Alternatively, you can download as a PDF.

Please let us know how you got on in your conversations by filling out this brief feedback form.

Visit the People, nature and climate hub

Our friends at The Climate Coalition have pulled together a one stop shop for all the things that you can do in your constituency for nature and climate, from downloadable posters to a handy tool for writing to your candidates. There’s also some helpful resources on having effective conversations with your candidates if they knock at your door.

It’s not too late to take action – find out what you can do below!

Check out the hub

Watch the Big nature and climate debate

On Monday 17 June, politicians from all parties sat in the hot seat with a live audience for the biggest environmental hustings of 2024.

If you're wondering who to vote for and want to find out more about the stances of our main political parties on the biggest environmental and climate issues of the day, check out the full 90-minute debate on YouTube.

Watch the debate