Adopt a wetland at Slimbridge

The birth place of modern conservation and a refuge for wetland wildlife.

WWT Slimbridge is a vital safe haven for threatened species, and you can adopt your own wetland plot to help protect vulnerable wildlife.

Whether you adopt a wetland for yourself, as a gift, or in memory of a loved one, you will be safeguarding the future of fragile wetlands and their precious wildlife.

To get started

Navigate around the reserve using the arrows or the mini-map in the top right-hand corner. Select your plot and click 'Adopt this plot'.

Open Modal Window

Recently adopted

P12 has been adopted by Alexander Green

Ian's plot

A place for wildlife to thrive

Adopted by Alexander Green

K16 has been adopted by Carolyn Hayles

Robin and Sandra’s spot

Happy Christmas Mum and Dad, Hope you enjoy watching the wildlife in 2024. Lots of love C, D and E xxx

Adopted by Carolyn Hayles

K17 has been adopted by Gillian  Hood

Pam’s Plot

Adopted by Gillian Hood

How your adoption helps

WWT wetlands reserves need constant care to make sure they are working as hard as possible for wildlife. By adopting a wetland you are helping to fund the essential year round work of our wardens and conservation team. Your support means we can save species by protecting their habitats, and show future generations the beauty of the natural world.