Changes to Waterlife

Upcoming changes to Waterlife magazine

As part of our ongoing quest for sustainability, we’ve made the decision to move Waterlife to two seasonal editions. Members will receive one edition covering spring/summer and then another covering autumn/winter. This means members will receive their next edition in September.

As we look to the future and the increasing pressures on our planet, we need to lead the way, not just when it comes to wetlands, but as a sustainable organisation with the natural world at the heart of everything we do.

You’ll still be hearing from us regularly. But we want to make sure we spend our time and resources communicating with you in the most effective way possible. We’ll bring you news and updates as they happen, through our emails, socials and website.

Championing wetlands

We also need to put our foot on the accelerator when it comes to our work restoring and managing wetlands. Every penny of your valuable membership contribution needs to be used to support this outcome.

You know, as we do, that wetlands have superpowers, that they hold solutions to the climate crisis. Together we need to make the world understand this at this crucial time.

Without your commitment as a member, we wouldn’t be able to do this. We’re so grateful for your ongoing support. We know that as a passionate supporter of wetlands you’ll understand these changes but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you.


We're here to help

If you have any questions on these changes, please contact our friendly Supporter Services team.

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