Jordan Pargeter

Monitoring Officer, Wetland BioScience

About me

During my undergraduate degree in Biology, my passion for conservation was ignited. With an underlying love for the outdoors thanks to my dad taking me out over Snowdonia and the Lake District from a young age, a career protecting nature was something I was desperate to do. I have been heavily involved with my local RSPB group, from fundraising to erecting Barn Owl boxes and ringing their chicks. Also having volunteered on the WWT Severn & Avon Vales Curlew project for the past few years, I’m looking forward to applying the skills gained on this project in the uplands of Dartmoor.

My role

My role at WWT involves working on Dartmoor National Park as part of the Dartmoor Curlew Recovery Project. This involves monitoring breeding Curlew, establishing site occupancy, locating nests, deploying nest cameras, collecting egg measurements, erecting nest fences and gathering important evidence on predation pressures that Curlews face. Working closely with our colleagues in the Conservation Breeding Unit, I am also responsible for leading on the post-release monitoring of head started Curlew chicks and assisting with ringing and GPS tagging efforts to help follow their progress post release.

Experience and interests

  • Ornithological fieldwork experience
  • 2+ years bird ringing experience
  • Involved in over £15,000 of fundraising for conservation
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