Sophie Hartop

HQ Office and Research Placement

Contact details

About me

Currently, I volunteer for WWT as a HQ Office and Research intern, whilst completing my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with the University of Exeter. Learning about the ongoing threats posed by the climate crisis surged my fascination of nature into a lifelong passion for its conservation. Ultimately, the opportunity to help remedy the environmental issues plaguing our wetland species and habitats, is what attracted me to volunteer for WWT.

Before joining WWT flock, I helped other charities conduct great crested newt monitoring, animal rescue work and nature reserve management. Today, I continue to conduct bat surveys with ecological consultants and enjoy keeping in touch with my university’s Birdwatching Society, which I founded and run during 2023-24. Other hobbies outside of nature include singing, song writing, hiking and foraging!

My role

My role at WWT entails recording, processing, and displaying data collected by the WWT. I routinely conduct data collection in the field and perform lab analysis on collected samples. In the office I use GIS, Recorder6 and other data processing software to analyse and communicate data back to the Conservation Evidence team.

I aim to get involved in the wide range of projects happening at Slimbridge, such as species monitoring, visitor engagement and soil/water quality surveys. Involvement in these projects will also help me to construct a sound dissertation project which will go towards my bachelor’s degree.

Experience and interests

  • UK bird identification
  • Common UK flora identification
  • Camera trapping
  • Data handling
  • Leadership
  • Communication
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