Bee-autiful new benches

Something new and eye-catching has arrived!

Our new pollinator benches are a beautiful new addition to our landscape, finished just in time for Easter.

Designed and built by our Grounds Team from mostly reclaimed materials, combined with a whole lot of skill and love!

You will find five new benches along our main 'matrix' area, each providing accessible seating spaces to allow you to stop, listen and relax within our beautiful wetlands landscape.

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-28 at 15.41.28_f41e44b6.jpg

They not only look the ‘bee’s-knees’ but they also offer a valuable new habitat to our pollinator and insect friends.

Each bench consists of metal gabion baskets filled with a combination of wood, stone, brick, bamboo etc, which is the perfect space for insects to call home.

20240322_171842 (1).jpg

The benches have been finished with a handcrafted oak seat top for you to sit on - we hope you enjoy!

pollinator bench.JPG

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