Please note the South Lake Discovery Hide will be closed between 26 Feb - 2 March.

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Seriously squelchy fun

Find out about our mud-filled festival of events for February half-term.

Taking place from Saturday 10 to Sunday 18 February, ‘Mudfest’ will encourage big and little kids alike to go mad for mud and enjoy messy play while also learning about the importance of mud in the wetland ecosystem.

Activities will include:

  • Muddy puddle splashing! At the South Lake Discovery.
  • Creating your own festival art using rice glitter, families can make their own anti-glitter to take home or craft a festival banner, in the Art Hub.
  • Playing a game of stuck in the mud or hunting for mini beasts hiding in the leaves and soil, takes place at the Wildplay area at Riverlife.
  • Mudslinging at Riverlife - make sure to hit the target!
  • Getting creative with mud painting, mud nest crafting and mud sculpting or making a classic mud pie, in our North America area.
  • Going along to the Mud kitchen - make your own muddy recipes from clean soil, in our North America area.


Mudfest-goers might be surprised to learn that there’s much more to mud than meets the eye. As well as providing the perfect playground for some seriously squelchy fun, mud is teeming with life like bugs and molluscs - all of which make the perfect meal for a whole host of wetland birds, amphibians and mammals.

Mud also acts as a natural sponge, absorbing excess water to protect people during floods and surging tides, and releasing this water when needed during dry seasons.

What’s more, muddy wetland habitats like the saltmarshes found at WWT Slimbridge store huge amounts of carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere, locking it away.

Ready to get muddy? Grab your wellies and your sense of adventure, and get stuck into the holiday with minibeast mud hunts, glorious games, wild crafts and mud, mud more at WWT Slimbridge from 10-18 February.

All activities are included in admission or free for WWT members and children aged four and under.

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