Mini wetlands - how to guides

Have fun, get your hands dirty and help nature thrive. Follow our step-by-step videos to help you build a mini-wetland that’s right for you.

Barrel pond

A small above ground pond in a barrel, tub or old sink is one of the very best things you can do to help nature.

Drainpipe rain garden

Create a wetland with little or no garden space by turning a drainpipe into a multi-layer rain garden.

Tiny pond

This tiny pond is suitable for any size of garden that you can dig.

Wildlife pond

If you’re lucky enough to have a bit more space, you can create your very own wildlife pond.

Bog garden

A bog garden is a fantastic alternative to a pond and safer for small children, too.

Community rain garden

Tips on creating large rain gardens to bring back nature to your community spaces.

Mini-wetland plants

The best plants for your new mini-wetlands and the ones to avoid.

The ultimate guide

Your one-stop shop for mini-wetland information and maintenance advice.

Make a big splash for nature

Mini-wetlands are just part of the solution...

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